How does it work?

Every time that I move, my Mobility records and detects my trips by foot, car, bike, bus, or subway. My data is then processed on the server to determine the mode of transportation and is sent back to my personal data warehouse. Finally, my data is made visible on my dashboard

What will my data be used for?

The data you provide by using My Mobility will be used to improve our knowledge of mobility. It will help us better understand the changes in behavior regarding mobility, hence better react to citizens’ needs.

Who has access to my data?

The data collected will be accessible by FabMob Qc and its partner on this project, Coop Carbone. They are responsible for analyzing and processing the data. It should be noted that in some cases, the data collected may be accessible to other institutions.

Does the application require mobile data?

My Mobility does not use any mobile data and requires very little background data, it can be estimated at 1 MB per month of use.

Does it drain my phone battery?

My Mobility is an ergonomic application that does not drain your battery more than other apps. The app is in standby mode and starts recording as soon as it detects a movement.

How can I request the suppression of my data?

You can request the suppression of your data easily by going to your profile section in the My Mobility app. First, click on the identifier to copy it, and then click on “delete my data”. A page should open. Paste the identifier where it is required, and write your email address with which you identified yourself when you first used the app. Then, check the box “I wish to delete my data” and click on “submit my request”.

Once the deletion request has been processed, you will receive an email confirming that the data has been deleted.

It may take up to 30 business days to process such a request.

How can I get a copy of my data?

In the profile section, there is an option “download my data”. Clicking on it allows you to choose the date of the data you want to download. Once validated, the file will be downloaded to your phone.

For a copy of all the usage data, please write a request to mamobilite@fabmobqc.ca

Can I install My Mobility on my second phone?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Using My Mobility app on two phones will duplicate the information and mobility data. It is better to remove the app from the first phone before installing it on the second. 

Exceptions can be considered.



Do I have to fill in the questionnaire at the beginning?

The questionnaire to fill in at the beginning of the application’s use is extremely important and must be filled in by each user. 

Can I modify the questionnaire?

No, once the questionnaire has been validated, it cannot be changed. You can, however, leave a comment indicating what needs to be changed.

Do I have to give the app permission to view my files?

The application must be able to access the phone’s files in order to store data on the phone’s hard drive.

Does my location have to be activated at all times?

In order to function and record movements, the application must have access to the location at all times. Therefore, the location must be enabled.

How do I know if the app is properly configured on my phone?

You must select “Application Status” from the profile area. A page should open. Make sure that all of the parameters (location, physical activity, notifications, and background limitations) are green. 

If one of the parameters does not have a green sign next to it, you must click on it to fix it. The application parameters will appear, and you will be able to make the necessary changes.


Can I access my account from another phone?

In version 3.0.4, this feature is not yet available. If the application is removed from the phone and reinstalled, a new account is automatically created. 

Installing it on a new or another phone does not allow the user to access the old account. A new account will be created on the first use.


I moved and the application did not register my movement<br />

It sometimes happens that a movement is not recorded. This can be explained by:  

  • The closing of the application through the phone system for optimization. 
  • Incorrectly configured settings, such as disabled location, or the application does not have access to the user’s physical activity.   

Once the app is turned off by the system, the app is still open but does not save any data. The system forces the application to cease, causing conflicts in the application’s functionality.  

To solve this problem: 

  • Make sure the settings are all green in the profile section.
  • And that the app displays the notification “ready for your next trip”. If the notification is not displayed, you have to force the synchronization of the profile section. The app will restart. Contact us at: mamobilite@fabmobqc.ca for any problems.
My movement is not displayed correctly in the logbook

The movement may not be displayed correctly in the logbook immediately after it is recorded, it may take some time for it to be displayed correctly. 

If, after a few hours, the movement is still not displayed correctly, force the synchronization to transfer the data to the server, so that it can process and analyze it. 

My dashboard is empty even if movements have been made

This can be explained by:

  • The data is recent and is not yet displayed on the dashboard. A minimum of 24 hours is required for the data to appear on the dashboard. 
  • The data has not been analyzed on the server. This problem can occur and can affect the display on the dashboard. 
  • The data analysis was performed but the server did not determine the correct mode of transportation used during the trips. 

To fix this problem, try to synchronize by clicking on the button at the top right of the dashboard. 

If necessary, you can inform us of the problem at:  mamobilite@fabmobqc.ca

My movements are in draft and there is no associated mode to it

If there is no mode associated with a movement and it is displayed in draft in the logbook, the data has not been analyzed in the server yet. The data displayed is raw data.If the problem remains for more than 24 hours, you must notify us through the section leave a comment on the profile Section, or by writing to us at:  mamobilite@fabmobqc.ca